Coval Epoxy Top Coat is siomply applied using a Pump-Sprayer 

Product Description

Coval EPOXY TOP COAT is a thin film, single component coating designed to protect epoxy from surface wear and harsh chemicals. It creates a covalent bond with the epoxy molecules and is applied with an acetone pump sprayer or HVLP sprayer. This Epoxy TOP COAT makes an irreversible covalent bond through the available hydroxyl groups in epoxy. This prevents moisture, stains, chloride ion penetration, dirt, ice, acids, animal wastes, and graffiti.

Product Features

  • Easy Pump Sprayer Installation
  • Chemical Resistant
  • UV Stable
  • Single Component
  • Gloss, Satin, Matte Finishes
Coval Epoxy TOP COAT
Coval Epoxy TOP-COAT


Coval Epoxy TOP COAT is used over epoxy floors, tables, bar tops, any surface coated with epoxy.

Epoxy Top Coat Application

Available in Gloss, Satin and Matte

The Epoxy TOP COAT is spray applied
and is fast drying and only requires one coat.

  • Under 100 VOCs
  • Cleans Easily – no harsh chemicals needed
  • Graffiti Protection
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-toxic


Project Overview: Tesla HQ – Freemont CA

In 2015 Epoxy TOP-COAT was installed to protect the epoxy from forklift damage. We noticed after a few weeks the epoxy was not holding up to the abuse and since we’ve installed the Coval Epoxy TOP COAT in our factory it has maintained the epoxy finish and stopped the damage from occurring. “5 years after installation they are still going a great job. They are easy to clean with an auto-scrubber and neutral cleaner. This saves us time and money” – Maintenance Manager 

Coval Epoxy TOP COAT
Coval Epoxy TOP COAT

Project Overview: Rabbet Labs, Austin TX

We’re a contract artistic design fabricator and we use the Epoxy TOP COAT on all of our wood and concrete projects. We use epoxy to fill the voids and create a hard surface and then spray the Epoxy TOP COAT with an HVLP spray gun. It protects the surfaces from food and beverage stains and scratching.” – Eric Billig, owner 

Project Overview: Salt Traders, Austin TX

”We personally inspect this countertop regularly as we are based in Austin and Houston Texas. Salt Traders serves excellent seafood and serves craft cocktails. The bar top is holding up perfectly and the customer is happy. – Coval Group, Technical Director 

Salt Traders, Austin TX

SCAQMD : Epoxy TOP-COAT contains less than 100 g/LVOC.
Epoxy TOP-COAT exceeds CAQMD Rule 1113 requirements, known as the highest air quality control standards in the country

PROP 65 : Epoxy TOP-COAT contains no known carcinogens under Proposition 65, California’s
Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986