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An introduction to Singapore Coatings – The Coval Group has developed the next wave of nano-coating technologies. Our coatings produce a matrix of nano-sized particles that crosses the substrate and the substrate. This high-voltage crosslinking produces a brand-new surface that is incredibly strong, completely waterproof, highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals, stains, mould and corrosion. They are UV durable and keep the paint from fading.

All of the coatings produced by the Coval Group are single component and simple to apply. According to Proposition 656 of the California Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, they contain fewer than 100 grams per liter of volatile organic compound (VOC) and no recognized carcinogens.

In order to provide higher performance on its chosen substrate, Coval Group has fine-tuned each coating, and they have developed complimentary systems in order to optimize performance within a specific application. It is because of this adaptability that we can compete in both wide industrial sectors and specialised markets where coatings were previously unable to function, and it also enables us to collaborate with firms where coating failure is just not an option.

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Coval Coatings

Coval Group projects

Singapore Coatings

Ferrari World

The roof of the iconic Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is exposed to some of the hardest conditions in the world; enduring UV exposure, pollution, salt from the sea air and little rain to clean the surface.

Singapore Coatings

49ers Stadium

The 49ers stadium, like every stadium, endures a multitude of spills of ketchup, mustard, beer, and sodas on the floor and seating.

Singapore Coatings

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors Factory in Fremont, California has an epoxy floor that was being badly damaged by the constant driving of forklifts carrying heavy loads.

Coval Coatings

In-N-Out Burger

IN-N-OUT Burger uses Coval Multi-Purpose Sealer and Coval Concrete Coat to protect various surfaces inside and outside their buildings.

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